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28 Scarecrows of Monticello
"28 Scarecrows of Monticello"
Oil on linen 48"w X 32"h
Private Collection
Along Rte. 161, New Sweden
"Along Rte. 161, New Sweden"
Oil on linen 12"w X 9"h
Private Collection

Ste. Agatha Fields
"Ste. Agatha Fields"
Oil on linen 60"w x 32"h
Private Collection

Ouellette Fields
"Ouellette Fields"
Oil on canvas 22"w X 16"h
Corporate Collection
Penobscot Meadow
"Penobscot Meadow"
Oil on canvas 36"w X 18"h
Private Collection

Heading Out to Deer Isle
"Heading Out to Deer Isle"
Oil on canvas 44"w x 28"h
Private Collection

Family Plots
"Family Plots"
Oil on canvas 52"w x 42"h
Private Collection

Overlooking the Gut
"Overlooking the Gut"
Oil on linen 48"w x 32"h
Private Collection

Summer at Morses Corner
"Summer at Morses Corner"
Oil on canvas 36"w X 24"h
Private Collection
Early Spring, Morses Corner
"Early Spring, Morses Corner"
Oil on canvas 18"w X 28"h
Private Collection

Jct. Rte. 17 & Rte. 235
"Jct. Rte. 17 & Rte. 235"
Oil on canvas 60"w X 32"h
Private Collection
October on Ollie's Hill
"October on Ollie's Hill"
Oil on linen 32"w X 60"h
Private Collection
White Sky II
"White Sky II"
Aroostook County Series #6
Oil on linen 20"w X 16"h
Private Collection

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